Class Levels




Starting in 2021 BeadJungle will be rolling out a new class structure. This structure will have two paths. One for those just wishing to have fun while they pick and choose classes. Another for those more serlious about the craft who would like to become a professional in the art.  With the best and most dedicated instructors in the beading industry  we will be expanding the program throughout the year. Below is the start of our new class levels. Here is a description of the new levels. If you are unsure don't hesitate to ask as we are all here to help you have fun and learn. Click on the photo for the classes!


Beginning Skill 1

Beginning Skill 1 (BS1) is a class for those who have never beaded or taken a craft class. We will also work on helping students learn about tools and where to go next. Anyone is welcome to take this class no matter what level. Classes are $20 + Supplies.

Beginning Skill 2

Beginning Skill 2 (BS2) is a class for those who have taken classes but are still new to the art. Please check the class listing as there may be prerequisite skills required.Classes are $20 + Supplies.

Intermediate Skill 1

Intermediate Skill (I) is a class for those who have taken classes and will be dependent on skills learned in Beginning classes. Please check the class listing for the prerequisite skills required. Classes are $30 + Supplies.

Advanced Skill

Advanced Skill (A) classes are designed to be the next step in learning this craft. Many aspects of the class can change. For example the class may be more than one day, the class may or may not have a pattern... These are designed to start students on their own path of thinking up and creating their own custom design.  Classes will be $40/hr. + Supplies, but may vary.