Valerie Catallozzi

Valerie Catallozzi

Valerie Catallozzi was born and raised in cold and snowy Providence, RI. She took a job transfer in 2004 to Las Vegas and loves the Vegas life style and weather. After 36 years with the Postal Service, Valerie retired in October 2017 and began pursuing her Jewelry Design certificate from the New York Institute of Art & Design in 2018. Valerie began creating hand beaded jewelry in 2012 while a visiting a friend in California who took her to her first bracelet making class. After returning home from CA, she immediately visited Bead Jungle and took her first class with Lori Ahlin, and Valerie’s passion for beading was born!

Since 2012, Valerie has taken numerous beading classes and devoured beading books and magazines to learn everything she could about beads, beading stitches, and jewelry design. Her favorite bead stitch is Peyote, which can take thousands of beads and almost as many hours to create a necklace or beaded tapestry. Fortunately, she considers beading to be therapeutic and enjoys the repetitive process of hand stitching one bead at a time! Valerie is very excited to join the creative team at Bead Jungle as a Beading Instructor in October 2019.

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